49 Selfishly self-less

Intentionally - consciously choosing to do the thing you are doing

Designing - specifically creating something the way you want it to be

a Lifestyle - the way you life

of Freedom - doing what you choose, when you choose, where you choose, in a way that doesn't infringe on other people being able to do the same for themselves

Articles referenced in the podcast:

  • https://reason.com/2021/07/20/facebook-biden-section-230-vaccine-hesitancy-covid-19/


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Intentionally Designing a Lifestyle of Freedom

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Ken Eash

My life purpose is to empower others to live intentionally, and design the life they want to live.

Construction biz owner, 12 years.
Intermittent podcaster, 2 years.
Empowering human action, always.

I coach teens to turn doubt into confidence, tap into their strengths, and discover what excites them, so they can create a fulfilling career doing work they love.