Episode 61

Health is Wealth

Quote of the day:

You and you alone are the only person who can live the life that can write the story that you were meant to tell. Kerry Washington

Articles mentioned:

  • https://thefreethoughtproject.com/family-suing-after-son-is-vaccinated-at-school-without-their-consent/
  • https://unlimitedhangout.com/2021/10/investigative-reports/wall-streets-takeover-of-nature-advances-with-launch-of-new-asset-class/
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  • https://cyprus-mail.com/2021/10/26/union-calls-for-suspension-of-rapid-testing-after-toxic-substance-found/

Flote user highlights:

  • https://flote.app/user/JackSpirko
  • https://flote.app/user/TalcatchaFarm
  • https://flote.app/user/SpikeCohen


My fight with pneumonia and the battle against GSD-less-ness.

I'll be taking the rest of the year off of podcasting, see you in January.

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