Level UP weekly recap #5

Close more clients with DISC: https://odysee.com/level-up-31-close-more-clients-with-disc:60aaf48bf1ebf0f54fd52c8528f9c1640a96491e

Overloaded To-Do list: https://odysee.com/level-up-daily-32-to-do-overload-%F0%9F%91%80:f3dc4c3a092dcf199784b1e1e31f3e65210cafea

How do you view MONEY: https://odysee.com/level-up-33-how-do-you-view-money:49739b46f8fcc14b1686127f99a10997cd48b690

Is the purpose of a job for MONEY or ENJOYMENT: https://odysee.com/level-up-34-should-a-job-be-for-money-or:83f04e80493137847709230f68f92bae6acb52bc

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Ken Eash

My life purpose is to empower others to live intentionally, and design the life they want to live.

Construction biz owner, 12 years.
Intermittent podcaster, 2 years.
Empowering human action, always.

I coach teens to turn doubt into confidence, tap into their strengths, and discover what excites them, so they can create a fulfilling career doing work they love.